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Exquisite Ideas is a small, professional laser business based in Johannesburg, we specialize in custom design and offer a variety of related services:

Laser Engraving and Etching

We can engrave on just about any material, Perspex, MDF, wood, paper, board, leather, fabric, cork, Rowmark, plastics, metals (no Chrome objects), glass, crystal and on any shape ; -

  • Personalising items; - wallets, pens, books, gifts and drinking glasses, Trophies, Mirror to mention a few.

Laser Cutting;

Same as the above except for metal and glass, we cannot cut.

  • Custom made Gifts, Party Favours, Key Rings, Fun Jewellery, Wooden Boxes, Wedding or Event Invitations, Cake Toppings, Words, Small Signs, Logo's, Rubber Stamping, Name Tags, Plaques and soooo much more.

In House Design;

We are proud of our trendy OUT of the BOX concepts and design abilities and welcome a creative challenge, either to enhance it, finalize it or simply to create it.

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Services we provide:

• Laser cutting, engraving and etching
• Marking and branding
• Weddings, events and special occasions custom designed invites
• Corporate, wedding and individual custom made gifts and party favours
• Self-ink rubber stamping
• Name Plaques, Tags and Plates Plaques, name plates and tags
• In House Design

Our work speaks for itself.


Receiving or giving a personalised gift, is special period. Laser and technology makes this not just possible but also with a great variety of options to choose from, with different applications on different gift objects, for the best result on your chosen gift send us a detailed email and we’ll be happy to reply.

Exquisite Ideas is proud of our out of the box innovative concepts, our creativity and service, if you are looking for different, original and exquisite...look no further.



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