Lasser cutting in Johannesburg

Laser cutting in Johannesburg

We are happy to assist in laser cutting your creativity, either by providing us with your own vector art work or we can assist in creating vector graphics for you at a cost.
We can cut a great variety of materials and sizes to your specifications or we can certainly custom design your requirements, whether they are:

  • labels for your products
  • Party favours
  • Key rings
  • Brooches and pins for breast cancer month or other funky jewellery for events, parties etc
  • Business cards
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Cell phone jewellery
  • Business card holders
  • Cell phone holders
  • Clocks
  • Table numbers
  • Table names
  • Words and sayings for your wall
  • Serviette rings or holders
  • Swizzle sticks
  • Christmas decorations
  • Coasters
  • Funky picture frames
  • And oh sooooo much more!

Why choose laser cutting:

  • Laser cutting is precise
  • It is quicker than traditional methods of cutting
  • Large quantities of the same item
  • It is flexible and will suit most design
Lasser cutting

What can be laser Cut?

Triplex, MDF, Perspex, ABS, vinyl, paper, boards, felt, fabric, (silk, wool, canvas etc) cork, Romark, PTeg, Mylar, thin leather, foam, polystyrene and even leaves!

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