DIY Lights

These DIY light boxes are an original Exquisite Ideas concept; they are unique for several reasons;

  • they are inter changeable, (backing colour sheets can be changes)
  • they can be hung on the wall
  • they can be attached to a standard lamp stand
  • they can be free standing on any surface, giving a different effect each time.
  • they are flat packed, light in weight and perfect to travel with or for postage.
  • they are easy to assemble
  • they create an absolute amazing ambiance
  • we can custom design your personalized creativity on the same concept.

Please click on a light below to see more detail of complete light design.

Wildebeest light Giraffe Light Wildebeest with moon light Onyx light Kudu light

If we still haven't answered all your question read on.

These Light Boxes are unique for several reasons of which there are a variety of designs and colours to choose from, meaning that the background colours are changeable. If you get tired of the background colours you can order a new set. These Light Boxes come packed completely flat, unassembled, and light in weight for travelling or postage. 

The Light Boxes can be hung securely on a wall by using only one nail. It stands securely flat on any surface, e.g. Table, cupboard, side-table, floor etc. It is fixable on any standard lamp-stand. On all three occasions the Light Box will have a different effect in a room once switched on.

We can custom design the lights on request, in case you were wondering.

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  • Telephone: 011 482 9461


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