Plaques and Name Tags  in Johannesburg

Plaques and Name Tags in Johannesburg

We make plaques and name tags in Johannesburg, South Africa according to your specifications.

A name tag need not be unsightly or embarrassing, and it need not be a sticker with your name scribbled on it with a marking pen. A smart name tag design will accent a uniform or show your individual style.

Name tags or name plates can be done with or without the backing pin, this is your choice, we do however have a variety of choices to choose from such as; pins, magnets and clasps.

A plaque is a wonderful tribute to an individual who has made an impression or left a legacy, it serves as a reminder of their contribution regardless of what it is, building, doctors rooms, a painting, a photo, a trophy in honouring, or for a touch of personalized branding on a wallet, bag, laptop bag, handbag, passport cover, cell phone cover or a “dream” book, a High quality plaque will compliment all the above and we are happy to assist in creating your perfect sized plaque.

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