Trophy Engraving in Johannesburg

trophy engraving

Trophy engraving is fast becoming a booming industry, for the simple reason it is now easy and easily available to create, brand, personalize and to distribute.
We do not provide readymade trophies but will certainly engrave on it for you, either directly onto the trophy depending on its shape or we are as eager to custom design one for your specific needs and should you merely require a name plaque to be attached to the trophy, we can than too assist you with high end Rowmark plaques.
Rowmark was designed especially for laser and rotary markings, as most standard laser machines cannot cut any form of metal, Rowmark has developed this unique product, it looks like metal but is in fact a very high quality plastic, the caviar of plastics if you will.

Facts of Rowmark, it is UV protected, it comes in matt or gloss and has a great many colour combinations such as: brushed gold with black engrave or matt black with gold engrave or brushed copper with black engrave, or red with white engrave etc etc, for more info on Rowmark visit https://www.rowmark.com/laser/Lasermark/lasermark.asp
Should you require any further info at this time regarding your trophy, send us an email and we will be as accommodating as we can.

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